2019 Popular Fashion Lookbook Styles for Women in the World

Author:Alison 2019-03-29

I don't know if you have any experience? Some people wear clothes that look more expensive or more textured. Of course, these people actually buy expensive clothes, but if it is just a bargain, in addition to the unique dressing style and aesthetic combination, the temperament and attitude are the key to wearing on different people and exudes a brilliant effect! Which clothes are most worthy of wearing in this spring? The latest popular fashion looks will help you more beautiful in this spring season.


Lookbook 1: Polka dot + beret + red high heels


Polka dots, which have been popular since the last century, are also known as wave points. After experiencing the trend change, it will make a comeback in this spring. After the baptism of time, the wave will use the retro and elegant gesture to awaken the vitality of the spring day and focus on the wave of fashion circles.


fashion lookbook


Lookbook 2: botanical flower pattern skirt + black sling + black oxford shoes


With the rapid development of information, you can come to the seaside city to enjoy a vacation time at any time. Combining work and entertainment is the most common lifestyle of young people in the moment. Free and casual independent spirit will bring different lifestyles and entertainment. It is the perfect balance. The flower pattern is surrounded by marine stripes, island plants and flowers, and elements such as the jungle, highlighting the publicity and freedom of the holiday.


fashion lookbook

Lookbook 3: black tulle dress + denim jacket + black leather shoes


The black tulle dress is the darling of the fashion circle which is full of mysterious and inconspicuous. Black can match all colors, which is a long-standing law. Advanced black, dark color, innate domineering and charming. It is cleverly matched with other colors in the black space, it can produce amazing results inadvertently.


fashion lookbook


Lookbook 4: plaid skirt + black shirt + gray knit jacket


Plaid is an ordinary element, but it always tends to be at the forefront of fashion. No matter how the trend changes, the status of the plaid cannot be shaken. In the spring, It is a good choice for you to wear a plaid skirt which is full of temperament. I can wear a black knit sweater at random. The shape is super nice and very stylish. I also wear a sweater cardigan outside. This kind of concave shape is really very beautiful.


fashion lookbook 4

Lookbook 5: red print skirt + small white shoes + black chain bag


2019 spring and summer fashion popular elements, I also favorite this red print skirt, giving the feeling of a fairy, it will instantly became the focus of the audience when you wearing this dress, it is very eye-catching which is very suitable for a variety of party occasions, it is feel free to take a mini bag and you can walk out the street.


fashion lookbook

Lookbook 6: slit skirt + green short T-shirt + old shoes


If girls want to sexy style in the year, you can try to slit skirt, it is slightly revealing sexy. You don't need long legs, you can also dress your body with a luxurious dress. The slender legs under the split skirt are looming through the split skirt, and this subtle and casual sex makes the girls beautiful.


fashion lookbook


Lookbook 7: Plaid wide leg pants + printed T-shirt + oxford shoes


The slightly loose version of a printed pant is thick, it was wearing not only fashionable and beautiful, but also covering the skin is thin, the lower body chose a plaid wide-leg pants to match, not only refreshing and more absorbing, 2019 the hottest match style, if you think this kind of wear is good, you can try it.


fashion lookbook

Lookbook 8: paper bag pants + white shirt + black oxford shoes


The paper bag pants are actually based on the high-waist pants, the waist has a fold-out of the outer fold, and the waist belt is like the kraft paper bag sealed with the rope, it is forming a super-high waist visual effect, and which can also create a small waist feelings. With a gray paper bag and a white shirt in spring that is full of temperament, it will makes you more fashionable and slim.


fashion lookbook

Lookbook 9: primrose yellow sweater + polka dot short skirt + cartoon pouch


Filled with a small and fresh set, the primrose yellow sweater adds a sweet touch, and the polka dots blend into the skirt which is presenting a dreamy retro atmosphere. A slightly smaller wave point does not give a complex feeling, and the natural collision between black and white is more vital to the girl. A pair of retro oxford shoes is very comfortable and casual at foots, it is even very thinner!


fashion lookbook

Lookbook 10: Army Green Skirt + Polka Dot Shirt + Army Green Sweater


If you want to match the lively green skirt, you can try some casual tops, such as a polka-dot shirt. This military green skirt is not fat. The waist can be used to outline the waistline. The A-line version of the skirt can cover the flesh on the thigh. The girls with a little flesh in the lower body who can also wear this type of skirt.

fashion lookbook


Lookbook 11: white shirt + plaid skirt + blue knit jacket


It is a very simple and everyday match. Choose a lady's white shirt, which is full of sweet and beautiful atmosphere. With a wide belt and more slender legs, the soft knitted fabric can also create a visual impact. The plaid skirt of the lower body is simple and elegant what is adding a touch of retro temperament to the whole shape.


fashion lookbook

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