2019 Spring Summer Analysis of Wedding Dress in Paris Couture Fashion Week

Author:Louis 2019-02-27

pair fashion week

Data Blue Wedding Dresses

Blue is often utilized to represent data in transit or sci-fi light, so data blue is created.

Data blue wedding dresses

Stone Color Wedding Dresses

Stone is like deep blue, exuding a uniquely tranquil feel. It is deeply elegant, showing a formal and serious image.

Stone wedding dresses

Pure Blue Wedding Dresses

Pure blue is refreshing. In 2019 SS Couture Fashion Week , it is utilized in a large scale. With the sheen of fabrics, it delivers a futuristic feel.

Pure Blue wedding dresses

Shallow Green Wedding Dresses

Compared with pure blue, shallow green is more of the cool grey tone. Using it as a background color or contrasting color is a good option.

shallow green wedding dresses

Smoke Blue Wedding Dresses

Smoke blue reminds us of a smoky dusk, dreamy and cool.

Smoke Blue wedding dresses

Lush Green Wedding Dresses

Lush green is of earth tones, understated yet stylish.

Lush green wedding dresses

Sheesha Green Wedding Dresses

Sheesha green looks soothing. The grey tone makes sheesha green versatile. Its refreshing feeling is leisure at the same time.

shallow green wedding dresses

Grey Green Wedding Dresses

Grey green is great to deliver delicate images, which is fit for casual office or girly style.

grey green wedding dresses

Light Smoky Grey Wedding Dresses

Light smoky grey is feminine and mysterious, which is suitable for Asian skin. The cool and soft tone doesn't make a strong contrasting effect with yellow skin.


light smoky grey wedding dresses

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