2020 Spring Summer Trend Women's Clothing Pattern

Author:Jasper 2019-04-09

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Catwalk Looks

Simple flowers arranged in an orderly way offer a refreshing feel. Prints and embroideries can both embody delicacy of flowers. Watercolor-like flowers and overlaid silhouettes are romantic and charming. Flowers, to some extent, represent some female qualities.


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Large Flowers
Not densely arranged large flowers provide a fresh mood, suitable for looks incorporating chiffon and silk fabrics.


Large Flower Pattern

Daisies are fit for dresses and skirts.


Daisy Flowers

Orderly Arrangement
Small flowers and refreshing colorways offer a pleasurable style. Jacquards and prints are recommended.


Small flowers

Layering Flowers
Light flower patterns on top of watercolor flowers and color-blocking ones add depth and fit for digital prints.


Layering Flowers

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