2020 Spring Summer Wedding Dresses 3D Decorations Craft Trend

Author:Jasper 2019-04-16

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3D decorations on wedding dresses are diversified. Innovative finishes, new materials and delicate crafts are increasingly stylish. 3D florals and embroideries add tactility, and gems, beads and pearls are luxurious, and sculptural bowknots and soft feathers add charm. Placement 3D designs are in line with the current handicraft direction.


3D decorations

Subtle 3D decorations are vital. When designing floral decorations, designers often arrange flowers in a way that forms a flower-dropping effect, adding depth.


3D Florals

3D embroideries are indispensable for haute couture dresses. Embroideries on wedding dresses are sumptuous and vintage. From new items released by many wedding dress brands, we can see that floral embroideries are still dominant.


3D embroideries wedding dresses

Volume enhances visual effect. Structured satin or overlaid organza, with asymmetrical designs, add newness. Ribbon bowknots in small sizes decorate sheers and lace.


Sculptural Bowknots


Fashion-style wedding dresses are hot this year. Pearls are used a lot by designers. The pure color, soft sheen and delicate texture are understated yet noble.


Elegant Pearls

Diamond wedding dresses are luxurious and attractive. Lots of different diamonds and other decorations are very eye-catching. Ziad Nakad, a haute couture wedding dresses brand from lebanon, bring luxury to the full.


Luxurious Diamonds

Flowing feathers are used in a large amount or dotted on wedding dresses, luxurious and opulent. Sequins, beads, diamonds and sheers work well with feathers.


Soft Feathers

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