74-year-old Camilla appeared in Chinese red color style

Author:Tom 2021-10-15

It is said that the Queen of England refuses to accept the old, and the 74-year-old Camilla also refuses to accept the old! On October 14, local time, the Queen of England, Prince Charles and Camilla appeared together in the Welsh Parliament. Is Camilla trying to steal the Queen’s limelight this time? Her Chinese red look is so shining! Nowadays, many members of the royal family love to wear China Red, which is really eye-catching!


1. Camilla's Chinese red coat style


Fashion elements: flame hat; pure red



Camilla is getting more and more prettier than ever! Her red dress today, with a flame-shaped hat, is so extravagant! The big red is more eye-catching than the pink. This time the 95-year-old Queen of England chose a pink dress, and Camilla is full of momentum. This is the domineering feeling of the future queen!



In fact, Camilla's figure is a little blessed. Such a red skirt makes Camilla's straight waist slightly obvious, but the overall aura has overwhelmed these shortcomings.


Camilla is very delicate. Even the masks are specially matched. Her blue striped masks are also very eye-catching. Camilla is now a lot bolder. She is in the same frame as the queen and dares to wear better than the queen. She is very shine!



When Camilla saw the queen, curtsy was a must. The 74-year-old Camilla worked very hard and performed a very standard curtsey. Camilla is also very capable, the queen did not like her before, but now she has been recognized by the queen.


Although Camilla's pleated red dress is more playful, but the style is a little too tender. A font style like this is actually not as high-quality as the queen's straight coat.



74-year-old Camilla and 73-year-old Prince Charles are also getting more and more affectionate, and her red dress really crushes the audience. Stolen Princess Diana's position back then, and now they dare to steal the Queen's limelight. I have to admit that wearing the big red is so confident!


Second, the Queen of England's pink coat fashion analysis


Fashion elements: pink is tender; daffodil brooch is luxurious


Although Camilla's red dress is more shining, but the pink coat of the Queen of England seems to be younger! The Queen of England is 21 years older than Camilla. Compared with Camilla, the Queen has better skin on her face except for her back.


Queen of EnglandQueen of England

Let's take a look at the queen's exquisite pink coat style. Now the weather is getting colder. The queen's various coat styles have made me grow a lot of grass. Many young girls like grandma queen's coats very much. These coats of hers are really not picky, but this pink is really picking!


This time, the Queen of England wore a three-layer pearl necklace, coupled with a daffodil diamond brooch, in the shining diamonds, highlighting the traditional retro feel of pearls.


Queen of England

The queen's more and more hunched back, the bruises on her calves, and the queen's appearance again on crutches, all make people think that the queen is indeed old. The 95-year-old queen has been beautiful for so many years, and now she is still so elegant on crutches.


queen of England

This is really a comparison between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law! Although Camilla's red line is more dazzling, but the queen's pink coat is more textured. The queen's pink hat also highlights the sense of luxury, not as exaggerated as Camilla's flame hat.


Since the queen used a cane in public for the first time, she was also very generous with a cane this time. The 95-year-old lady is still so amazing.


74-year-old Camilla is too shining this time! A Chinese red debut to grab the Queen's limelight, the Queen's pink is so tender.


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