A/W 22/23 Fashion Theme Trend Keyword for Clothing Design

Author:Tom 2021-06-03

Theme Trend


In this unstable period of economic depression, A/W 22/23, which is driven by the ecological responsibility and niche aesthetic, recalls the classic nostalgia and looks forward to the future. Joyful designs awaken people's passion of delicate party and study. Singing and dancing upgrade the romantic charm of women. Psychedelic Op is integrated with classic to present the new Dark Academia. Modern industry steadies the restless city. Traditional natural keynote maintains the interaction of ecology. Timeless black and white explore the senses of two sides. China Winter Olympic Games promote the popularity of snow sports. Positive futurism uses sensitive technology to simulate warmth and protection. Y2K aesthetics bring the most trendy acid metal style. This report refines all these ten A/W 22/23 keywords to complement and extend the theme trend. The updating keywords and reports allow people to catch the future trend with fast response.


Theme Trend


Dark Academia is romantic and dark preppy style, which mixes the central European cultures of 30's and 50's. Elements of religion, literature, Gothic, British aristocracy, and preppy style are rebuilt organically to become the contemporary fashion aesthetic. The romantic and dark aesthetic has gradually become the lifestyle of Gen Z. Subculture teenagers like to use the knight identity to express the romantic love and spiritual belief of the new era. Dark Academia has become the most popular aesthetic of TikTok, which was also extended by the CELINE Homme A/W 2021 collection. This romantic and dark preppy style well fits the requirements of new consumers.


Dark Academia


The period of limited interpersonal communication has gone. And the charming wear of party women promotes the revival of gown. Romantic and dynamic singing and dancing explore the joyous imagination of women and take us away from the reality. The popularity of party brings delicate femininity back. Dries Van Noten A/W 2021 uses fashion clothes, colors and dancing to visualize women's emotions and endow different power and images, injecting charming vitality into the poetic romance. Beautiful and feminine things are mixed by joyous designs to stimulate the happy senses of 3D pearls, rhinestones and flowers. A carnival of imagination, happiness and music is created.


Singing & Dancing Phantom


People prefer the past classics in this era of overloaded information. The peaks of aesthetics, ancient Greek and Roman cultures used classic yet opposite arts to present the elegant wisdom, endowing reborn classics with dynamic charm. The rebirth of nostalgia becomes the attractive point in this new season. Louis Vuitton A/W 2021 womenswear collection was inspired by the delicate works of Fornasetti. Retro palette is integrated with psychedelic Op Art to enliven the classics. Based on the classic primitive culture and art, the light Classicism conveys the openness of emotion and perception and explores the time dimension between the present and the past.


Reborn Classics


Influenced by the development of urbanlization and the natural evolution, people are having the more intensive desire for being close to the nature. In the Russian Vogue(May 2021), the photographer Alex Huanfa Cheng shown the harmonious style of poetic ecological interaction, which promotes the expectation of wonderful nature. Driven by the necessity and charm of eco-responsibility, this autumn and winter brings a more radical ecological view and builds a better coexistence. The Volontariat of Pondicherry, India used many irregular materials and city trash. Raw materials and biotechnology present the organic nature of production. The upgraded and integrated designs based on people's ecological expectations will keep promoting the development of womenswear.


Ecological Expectations


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