British royal family drives the rapid growth of demand for luxury baby goods

Author:Alison 2019-04-16

Gucci children's sportswear for $1,320, Suommo diamond-studded gold nipple for €100,000, and luxury goods may not have much to do with age.


Luxury Baby and Children Magazine, Baby and Little London Editor Kate Freud believes that high-end baby clothing and supplies will be a market with unlimited potential. Under the influence of the British royal family represented by Princess Kate and Princess Megan, the luxury baby brand will have a broad international stage in the future.


Whether it's a custom-made crib, cashmere sweater or rocking horse or toy, the needs of wealthy families' parents for luxury baby products are rapidly expanding. In the eyes of ordinary consumers, the price of the baby goods (such as the Burberry diaper bag, which sells for about $1,000), those parents will pay for the children without hesitation.


A typical example of Spanish luxury baby brand Suommo, which offers a wide range of ultra-high-end luxury baby products, room-decorated homes and accessories. The diamond-studded pure gold nipple is priced at €100,000 and the 18-carat gold-plated cradle bed is priced at 60,000 euros.


 luxury baby brand Suommo


In January, Princess Megan of the United Kingdom revealed that she had been pregnant for six months. The British media disclosed that she chose a neutral color to decorate the future baby room. On social media, Prince Harry and Princess Megan pushed a photo of the door of Windsor Frogmore Cottage, revealing the logo of the famous baby car manufacturer iCandy. It is reported that Prince Harry's cousin Zara Phillips is the iCandy brand ambassador, the brand's baby stroller is priced at $1,956.


Prince Harry's brother, Prince William's children (George, Charlotte, Louis) is the opinion leader of luxury baby products. After wearing the children's clothing of Rachel Riley, Pepa & Company and Amaia, many parents began to compete to buy the same clothes for their children. Kate Freud believes that in the future, the products selected by King Megan for the baby will definitely become the new king of stocking.


According to data from market research firm Mintel, the UK children's wear market has grown by 19% to 6.86 billion pounds in 2018 compared to 2013. About one-third of parents believe that they are more willing to pay more for children's wear of well-known brands.


In London's boutique children's clothing store, Marie Chantal, embroidered baby robes, silk chiffon dresses or cashmere sweaters are available, priced at hundreds of pounds. According to Erika Loch, the store's product manager, the customers here include royal customers and celebrity stars from around the world.


In order to cater to the needs of young parents, many designer brands have also launched children's wear series. In New York's luxury department store, Bergdorf Goodman, Gucci children's shoes, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry's children's wear are all very popular, and the hand-stitched Mischka Aoki children's dress is priced at more than $1,000. Andrew Mandell, vice president of the store's home, jewellery and children's wear department, said: "This is almost a high-end clothing for children, and luxury goods are picked up from dolls."


Burberry Fashion Style


"Glory" has interviewed a number of luxury baby brands such as Bonpoint, a French luxury children's wear brand, Norwegian high-end baby brand Stokke, and Italian high-end children's wear brand Monnalisa.


"Rolls Royce in the stroller" said: We are not a luxury! "Glorious" exclusive interview with Norwegian high-end baby brand Stokke Asia Pacific Commercial Director.


To make a children's wear brand into a luxury, these details to be the ultimate that "Glam" interview with French Bonpoint creative director Christine Innamorato.


After the two pits in the Chinese market, start over again! "Glorious" exclusive interview with Italian high-end children's wear brand Monnalisa CEO.


In addition, "Glory" is also reported on the 88th Pitti Bimbo Children's Wear Fair in Florence, Italy, in January this year. According to official statistics, the three-day exhibition has more than 6,400 buyers from all over the world and more than 10,000 visitors. A total of 564 brands participated in the Pitti Bimbo Children's Wear Trade Show, of which 332 brands were from countries outside Italy, accounting for 59% of the total.


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