Chinoiserie of A/W 21/22 Theme Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Author:Tom 2020-08-31

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At present, Asian culture, especially Chinese culture, has become an important force attracting worldwide attention. In 18th-century France, a style amazed the world with its gorgeous colors and complicated designs. That is named as Chinoiserie in 19th-centuary, expressing Europeans' imagination for the oriental culture. It is the Europeanized Chinese style, full of mystery, romance and adventure. In modern times, it is common to blend oriental characteristics into the works of various styles in art. Nowadays, local designers are rising, and they hope to inherit and connect oriental and western cultures. Therefore, complicated jacquard and luxurious velvet become key fabrics, opening a new chapter of future clothes.


Inspiration of Theme Fabrics


Chinoiserie is a dream, expressing Europeans' imagination for the oriental culture. Therefore, this theme conforms to the increasing influence of oriental culture, integrate oriental and western classic tones together, and presents a novel nostalgic palette. Classic Chinese Lychee and Smoke blend with Europeanized oriental colors such as Bel Air Blue and Cherry Mahogany, complemented by modern pastel Yarrow and Peachy Keen. Dark Mysterioso shows the surreal power and gives a girly romantic touch to the retro palette. This palette echoes young consumers' desire for nostalgia and the return to localization, inherits Chinese classical charm and displays the charming modern aesthetics.


Recommended Colors


In the past, oriental culture attracted the Europe, and many western countries mixed Chinese elements with arts, clothes and homeware. As time passes by, this Europeanized Chinese style is kept to this day. With the rise of vintage, designers take inspiration from the essence of Chinoiserie, subtle details, intense colors and elevated texture. Chinoiserie combines Chinese culture with western artistic sentiments, quite appealing. Therefore, oriental glamorous velvet, luxurious retro jacquard, embossed textured fabric and classic boucle will be featured fabrics of this theme.


Analysis of Theme Fabrics


Velvet is a kind of Chinese traditional textile and has been produced and used since the Ming Dynasty. In recent years, the popularity of retro looks and Gucci drive its prevalence again. Velvet textiles are calm yet passionate and displays lavish color layers on different textures. It has been a key fabric for A/W 21/22.


Glamorous Oriental Velvet


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