Clothing Collocation for Women's Knitwear

Author:Alice 2019-12-19

Women's Knitwear


The last winter of 2019 is coming to an end, and the 2020s will be another decade full of intelligence, curiosity and expectations. As the symbol of spring festival, auspicious vibrant red occupies an important cultural position in important festivals in China, and adds a luxurious bright color to winter. The dark grounding is helpful to highlight the lively feel of vibrant red. Metallic item is the key to the design & development for 2020. Patterns and traditional Chinese cultural elements are also important.


women's knitwear


Blair Eadie and Fanny Ekstrand, fashion bloggers with millions of followers, pair vibrant red with yellow symbolizing wealth, and this color collocation is also favored by China. The integration of check makes the new year look more layered.


Fashion Bloggers on Instagram


The knitted one-piece red dress is quite eye-catching. The silhouette is waisted, sexy and enchanting. Recommended fabric is sarry composed by 65% rayon and 35% nylon. And exaggerated outerwear is prominent here.


Mysterious Red Skirt


Stripes are youthful, vibrant and festival. The striped knitwear is a key item in new year looks. And the silhouette change of striped items updates the conventional casual stripes.

Festival Stripes
Golden symbolizes wealth. Glitter of the knitwear is the key to looks for spring festival, and the bronze buckle is non-negligible. Trousers with golden wiredrawing effect also update new year looks.
Golden Edging
Red check adds a retro feel to new year looks. Even the conventional khaki is recommended to adopt red edges to create a jubilant vibe.
Retro Check

Heart is an important pattern in the new year of 2020. Apart from classic jacquard, rhinestones and hand-made decorations make the item more gorgeous and livelier.

Heart Pattern
Recently United Colors of Benetton frequently appears in fashion magazines. Its knitwear is decorated by childlike and vivid lambs. And its towel stitched animal pattern is the hottest one in 2020. Cartoon knitwear is suitable to be paired with futuristic and glossy silver trousers, showing the contrast with the future.

Animal prints are still hot in 2020. The knitwear lowers the brightness of red, adding a mysterious feel to animal prints. It can be paired with a glossy leather skirt to display the sexy and wild side.

Wild New Year
Chinese elements are indispensable in the new year. The silhouette and collocation are crucial. The key point is the oversized silhouette and mix & match.
The Chinese New Year


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