Cool Denim Dressing Style for INS Fashion Bloggers

Author:Alice 2019-09-10

INS style

AMIAYA are twins born in Japan. They are models and founders of jouetie. The denim looks of AMIAYA show a retro and leisure feel. The head-to-toe denim sets are often seen. The technical modern high heels, slim denim coat decorated with ruffles and fringing and red hair are eye-catching.

Marianne Theodorsen, a fashion blogger from Oslo, prefers vibrant colors. The feminine and leisure dressing key. The tie-dyed jeans are styled with the tonal coat. The colored tie-dyed denim coat and printed jeans add a directional and rebellious feel. In addition, cutouts, panelling add interest.
Marianne Theodorsen
As a fashion blogger from Amsterdam, Rebacca Laurey has her own special views about aestheticism. Solid, panelled, washed or printed denim work well for Rebacca. Interesting black prints, metallic studs and idle fraying add a street vibe.
cool denim style

As a freelance fashion blogger, Yoyo Cao's dressing style is popular on fashion weeks and social media. The unisex oversized denim tailoring set is styled with the pair of modern leather boots. The leather jacket is styled with the pieced denim skirt to add a urban vibe. Neat dissecting lines and waist-accentuated designs offer a modern high-street feel.

Yoyo Cao
The French style is simple. The puff sleeve, square-collar top, fluid skirt and dress clash with high-waist denim items or cropped denim jackets.
French Simple style
The mock-layer denim jacket and layered coats add depth. Metallic embellishment, printed logos and tie-dye add a retro vibe. In addition to denim blue, pink adds a girly feel. The tonal skirt feels romantic.
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