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This season the exhibition is very innovative, and makes breakthroughs especially in the range of sizes, comfort and shapewear design. Delicate underwear reflects the influence of boudoir dress. Shapewear is worth more attention, especially the light and medium shapewear which can be paired with fitness suits. Creative and inclusive flexible styles can be created, including the elastic underpants and elastic bra with inside support. The underwear set can be created, because lingerie with simple details, embroidery and individual lace will evoke purchasing desire. Loungewear and ready-to-wear can be combined together. The wool knitted items will be key. Besides, warm and comfortable brushed items can also be created.

Dark and Deep Tones
Deep tones are used to create the luxurious pyjamas series. Ginia and Samantha Chang replace sexy black with slate grey and granite grey. ID Sarrieri and Journelle choose deep slate grey, and replace classic black with storm blue and Prussia blue. Maison Lejaby applies volcanic grey to the sportif mesh and lace to add a young feel.
Seamless Surface
High-quality silk pajamas that can be worn in bedrooms and bars become the focus, reflecting the boudoir dressing trend of womenswear. Key items include Japanese kimono outerwear, silk sandals , the silk slip and smooth pants. Natalie Begg creates the hand-painted silk items. The popular mesh long dress of Âme Nue can be worn as the casual wear or the tunic. These create beach looks like in the Southern Hemisphere. Animal prints are also key. Ginia applies warm yellow tones to the popular snakeskin, which can be applied to ready-to-wear.
Silk Items
Underwear design reflects the return of classic look and dressed-up look. Main styles include lace underwear set without lining, and there are also suspenders. The brand says more young women are embracing suspenders, and using them as part of a modern and transparent set. The more exquisite the item is, the more willing consumers are to buy in sets. Styles with unique lace and embroidered patterns also appear.
Underwear Sets


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