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In the first few days of DIOR's show, a pink whirlwind was blown up, and the ground was covered with delicate pink sand.

The whole is dominated by white-pink tones, filled with sweet taste, and everything is good that will soon come to an end.


Dior's show


In addition to the pink broken letter cards placed in the middle, in fact, the show layout is dominated by artist Daniel Arsham, and "defects in the regularity" is a major feature of Daniel's works.


Daniel Arsham


Dior Menswear Art Director Kim Jones continued the brand's classics in this season that is presenting the visual quality of the clothing, balancing gentleness and handsomeness, and the interpretation of the neutral style allows girls to control freely! Not only that, but Kim Jones has brought a big surprise!


Kim Jones




The most surprising thing about the fashion show was DIOR's announcement of a partnership with the luggage brand RIMOWA, which included bags for all living needs. The classic box type, combined with the DIOR brand details, this special "DIOR & RIMOWA" series will be launched in October, together?



RIMOWA × Jackson Yi


In recently, RIMOWA announced that the well-known domestic artist Jackson Yi has become a spokesperson for the Chinese region, and has shot a series of new seasonal limited-edition color series of advertising blockbusters. The wilderness, the mountains, the sea waves, and the Jackson Yi travel between the high-level nature, colorful summer journeys, simple and colorful, which is consistent with the energy, clean and beautiful image of the younger brother.



In addition to the surprises, DIOR MEN 2020's fashion show is also very exciting.

DIOR Ready-to-wear Fashion Show


The romantic, light and feminine DIOR MEN'S 2020 summer collection is quite fascinating. Clean and simple overall, it is very eye-catching color matching, non-fancy French prints and simple and neat cuts, so high wearability! It is the most visually comfortable one in so many shows.



DIOR Shoes Accessories


The shoes are mainly light-colored, or matched with gradient colors, and the transparent shoes are the best. The accessories are also designed with classics in mind, and the atmosphere is full of futuristic.



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