Dior's Catwalk Styles Collection in 2020 Spring Summer Fashion Week

Author:Tom 2019-10-14

2020 spring and summer fashion week report: Dior is still as the same as before, but this season is a good look.


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Although Maria Grazia Chiuri has been the design director of Christian Dior, it has been controversial. Most of the products produced in each season are not highly evaluated.


However, no matter what, Dior is still one of the most eye-catching big shows of Paris Fashion Week. After all, the brand has a long history and the big brand names is famous!


So, what is the performance of Dior in this spring and summer 2020?


No.1 holiday style is still

In the past two years, Dior has had several seasons of holiday dresses. Embroidered on a pink tulle with a touch of exoticism.


There are still a lot of such designs in the spring and summer of 2020 fashion week, it has no surprises. However, from the perspective of ordinary people, the holiday fashion style is still pretty.




No.2 Mesh + perspective

There is also little change, the black mesh that will appear every season, and the perspective skirt.


For the gradient batik elements that are very popular in spring and summer of 2019, this time Maria also meant to do something.


mesh dressesmesh dressesmesh dresses


No.3 Stripe + checkered tweed

Inspired by the ancient early decorative paintings, Dior liked the retro decorative paintings in the last two seasons, as well as the tweeds of stripes and plaids. We don't know if these elements that will become Chanel-style iconic elements.


Stripe + checkered tweedStripe + checkered tweedfashion style


No.4 joined the blue color

This season, Maria's favorite color is undoubtedly blue.


She uses blue to match Dior's ubiquitous vintage yellow. 


blue dressesblue dresses


View more fashion catwalk styles collection:


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