Earth Tone Color for the Women's Fashion Clothing

Author:Tom 2019-10-12

Putting on the popular earth color, many people think that the earth color is camel brown? Earth color as the name suggests is close to the color of the earth. It is also the color that is the most difficult to make mistakes and is also advanced!


earth tone style


The narrow earth colors are brown, beige, khaki, which are colors from nature and earth, but after other colors match, orange and pink, blue and yellow, yellow and green can also be classified as earth color. So how do you wear the dull earth color out of the character and personality, then let's take a look at some of the earth color to wear and single items.


earth color fashion coat


The coffee color coat + the same color skirt echoes, the jacket is neatly cut and suede material, retro and atmospheric. If you wear a high-neck sweater, it is casual and elegant.


Kaki color style


The earthy color is matched with warm colors, and the yellow shirt is matched with the earthy color casual bottoms. The overall color is high and comfortable. And it is very suitable for everyday dressing, whether it is office workers or holiday play, it is very good to wear.


earth tone fashion trend style


Coffee color coat + wide-leg pants, suede fabric retro and delicate texture, low-key and a little more noble, stylish and powerful!


Coffee color coat + wide leg pants


The exotic print skirt is perfect for individual girls, and the prints are embellished to add a lively atmosphere to the slightly dull earthy color.


earth tone fashion style


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