EIFINI The Womenswear Benchmark Brand

Author:Tom 2020-07-16

Womenswear Benchmark Brand


1. With a theme of "Be Natural", EIFINI joins hands with LEZING "EcoVero" and Tencel to update the natural skin-friendly wearing experience and create the sustainable fashion for spring and summer. 2. Li Sheng wears the denim shirt of EIFINI over a knitted camisole and a ditsy skirt, creating a summer holiday vibe. 3. Chen Li is in EIFINI's printed T-shirt. 4. Cheng Xiao styles a suit set with a clean white shirt, cool and sweet. 5. Ao Ziyi is wearing the polo shirt co-branded by EIFINI and SpongeBob SquarePants.

Womenswear Benchmark Brand
Quantity and proportion of new products are mainly drawn from data of the online official flagship store of EIFINI. Shirts, dresses and knitwear take up a large proportion. EIFINI focuses on elegance, confidence and a natural feeling, displays the lively side of modern females, presents styles and popular elements from various perspectives, and mixes different elements to show the nonchalant temperament of urban girls. Its style is modern and romantic.
Quantity and Proportion of New Products
Price data of new products is mainly drawn from the online official flagship store of EIFINI. The table analyzes the price range of night categories of T-shirts, shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts, suits, knitwear, outerwear and vests.
The Price Range of New Products