Embroidery Workshop Craft Trend for Women's Patterns

Author:Alice 2019-05-28

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Embroidery is one of Chinese traditional crafts, and it has a history of more than 3000 years. Nowadays, embroidery is widely applied to garments, tablecloths pillowcases, cushions and etc. Bright colors, lines and attractive textures are the features of embroidery. Beads, sequins and pearls are also important accessories.


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There are four kinds of embroidery in China - Su embroidery, Yue embroidery, Xiang embroidery and Shu embroidery. Shu embroidery is rustic. The neat stitches and bright colors are the features of Shu embroidery. Su embroidery features appealing patterns in harmonious colors and with delicate and lively stitches. Yue embroidery has a long history. The Palace Museum collects most of Yue embroidery work in China. Yue embroidery features bright colors, different stitches and textures, the seven primary colors and the light and shadow.


Embroidery pattern


There are a range of colors for beads - bright pink, deep green, dark sea blue, mysterious purple, elegant orange, delicate light yellow and classic black and white.


Colored Beads


Pearls are elegant, and they represent health, pureness, richness and happiness. Pearls, sequins and beads are used together to liven up embroideries and add a 3D texture.


Pearls pattern


Colored embroidery threads, sequins and bright yarns are used for birds, which is popular among designers.


Birds pattern


Fruits are very common in our lives. The 3D fruit embroidery made of cotton yarns are bright and appealing. The slightly rough stitch brings a grainy touch.


Fruit Embroideries


The 3D embroideries are created through subtle details, complex crafts, crocheting and 3D florals.


Recommended 3D Embroideries


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