Exploring The Boundary of Nature Pattern Trend for Men's and Women's Fleece

Author:Tom 2020-05-06

Pattern Trend


In A/W 2021, it's more urgent to protect the nature, and more people will join. Besides, science and technology are changing our real life quickly. In the era when informationization and digitalization develop rapidly, people yearn for a more realistic, beautiful and down-to-earth world. Real scene of nature creates a soothing visual impact. Some conventional and negligible artistic techniques gradually draw much attention. Zebra stripes and camouflage express people's inner call, fit for fleece.

Boundary of Nature pattern
Design of fleece tends to focus on change of pattern and color, which requires higher producing crafts and designer's ability to create and deal with pictures. Photos and artistic silhouette emphasize the conversation with nature. Sea, fog, flowers and dusk create a peaceful and soothing vibe, quite healing. They can be used as the main pattern, fit for all-over or placement splicing.
Real Scenes pattern trend
Traditional dye crafts can create random, individual and eco-friendly patterns. Ombre colors show a flowing and fading texture, bring a defected beauty, and reflect people's expectation of returning to nature and recapturing the tradition.
pattern trend