Georges Hobeika's haute couture dresses

Author:Tom 2020-03-13

Georges Hobeika is a haute couture brand from Lebanon, founded by designer Georges Hobeika in 1995. The 2020 series takes people back to that retro old age. There is a sense of sight when watching "The Great Gatsby".

Do you still remember the blooming party? Everyone appeared in Chinese clothes. When you see Georges Hobeika's luxury design in this season, you will think of that luxurious and beautiful era.

Ambilight colored lines appear on the skirt, fluorescent green and pink shuttle between them, showing different effects under the swing of the light. Smart and exaggerated texture, these details are all in the design of lotus leaf, bubble princess sleeves, pleated neckline, each strand of lines and flowers are intertwined to create a retro style.

The dreamy and chic crystal material is also the designer's preference. Compared to dazzling diamonds, this imposing fringed crystal is like a dazzling chandelier in the casino hall, each of which reflects a different luster and pink color combined with dreamy materials, in a luxurious and touching scene, it brings a different sweet girly sense.

Georges Hobeika's theme of this series is "Casino Night". No matter who it is, they will wear Chinese clothes to participate in this party. How can the gorgeous and extraordinary printing elements be missed? The lotus leaf blooming like fireworks is really amazing.

The elegant chiffon and blossoming flowers, as well as the layered lace and butterfly end waist design, are just too romantic.

Wine red seems to be the color that designers have preferred in recent years, with the slight flavor of red wine and the mature charm of cherry. Georges Hobeika uses irregular skirts and layered folds to create an extravagant feeling. It was the highlight of the party.

Neutralize the color, mix orange into the dress, magnificent and dreamy tones are created, and the retro and extreme texture is a bit like a dream. This gorgeous dream, woven from a slender lace skirt and golden embroidered flowers, is fragile but beautiful.

The combination of magnificent three-dimensional embroidery flowers and short tops, as well as a skirt that blooms like petals, exotic flowers and magnificent diamonds are combined, and the elegant skirt and layered flowers make this sloppy gesture people are not tempted?

Georges Hobeika's Baroque-inspired little dress is blooming fresh and moving flowers on the skirt, retro rhombus patterns and sequins shine.

Georges Hobeika's sweet young girl's high setting dress: pink glitter embroidery, fresh court style, which one do you think is the most beautiful?


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