How to Match Coat for the Korean Bloggers in the Winter

Author:Tom 2020-01-08

In winter, too heavy and dark tones can easily appear bloated and lacking in spirit, and misses the sense of high level. More and more girls are becoming obsessed with the gentle Korean style.


The Korean style pursues the simplicity,generosity and the unity of colors. The overall match pursues bright and cheerful, fresh and gentle, showing the elegance and confidence of women. Wearing winter coats like this that keep warm and temperament.


Korean style


After entering winter, it seems that fashion and warmth are always drawing signs. When people are pursuing warmth, they will feel bloated, and if they simply pursue fashion, they will form a beautiful "freezing" person.


Korean Style


We can learn the style of Korean fashion bloggers in the winter, so that they can stay warm and beautiful in this winter. We hope this article has inspired and helped you.


LOOK1: Checked coat + sweater + jeans


Korean Style


The autumn and winter seasons are mainly based on simple and elegant temperament! And this checkered coat + sweater is simple and elegant, exquisite and elegant. The checkered element has always been the darling of the fashion industry. Classic avant-garde, a fine checkered coat is retro and elegant. No matter what age a woman is, she is full of aura. The heavy texture and woolen fabric are very wintery. If you want to wear a simple temperament, you need to pay attention to the inlay choice.


fashion Korean Style


The coat version is more loose and comfortable, and choose a slim-fit sweater as much as possible to show the spirit. In the above shape, a high-end delicate red sweater is paired with jeans. The red-black style is high-level, and the style is simple. It can be as a daily style. High-waisted jeans enhance the waistline and stretch the legs to create a sense of vision for long legs.


LOOK2: Short coat + sweater + black pants


Short coat + sweater + black pants


Every winter is indispensable with a fashionable color, that is dark black color. How to match the black coat to wear a noble temperament, the choice is very important. The burgundy turtleneck knit skirt is really warm. It is simple and stylish with a black short coat. Simple does not mean casual.


Korean style


The simpler is more fashionable, choose a dark coat + sweater + small black pants, stylish and fashionable. With a waist belt and a waistband, you can see the small waist in a minute, which is very charming. Stepping on black canvas shoes is full of youth and vitality, creating a casual literary style. The gray beret has the finishing touch that is adding a touch of playfulness.


LOOK3: Lamb Fur Coat + Sweater + Wide Leg Pants


Korean Style


Every season, there is always a stylish black horse, which every fashion savvy wants to own, such as lamb wool. There is no need to say how hot the lamb wool is, but not everyone is suitable. If you don't pay attention, you will wear a "bear".


Lamb fur coat is not easy to go wrong with the combination of tight sweaters. But the style must choose those light and thin models, or else only bloated and heavy.


Khaki lamb wool can be said to be everywhere in this winter, and you want to wear it. It's better to try the contrast effect, the inner sweater forms a layering effect, and the elegance and leisure are ingeniously combined.


Korean Style


In terms of collocation, in fact, everyone does not need to spend too much thought, choosing a solid color collocation can control this coat well. You can choose light or dark colors freely, and you can wear a pair of light blue jeans for the lower body. The whole shape can reflect a relaxed and comfortable feeling. The fashion blogger took this photo on the street, wrapped the sweater tightly around his neck, warm and temperamental, and he knew how to keep warm.


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