How to Match These Colors to Make your Look Better

Author:Tom 2020-01-03

Color is the first impression given by clothing, and it is also the first impression given in our daily dress. Therefore, it is very important to match colors well. It can not only enhance the overall sense of fashion through color matching, but also it will convey a noble temperament.


Therefore, advanced color matching skills will make your clothing outstanding, it also fully show your charm and temperament. So in this autumn and winter, what are the eye-catching and advanced color schemes?


/ Black white gray /


Black, white and gray is the basic color, and it is a color that can be seen everywhere in autumn and winter, but their classics and high-level are never out of date. Regardless of whether it is black + white, or white + gray, black + gray, be sure to choose one as the main color, and then carry out the primary and secondary collocation, which will look more stylish.


women's clothing collocation


/ Red Blue White /


The combination of red and blue is a color combination that is extremely fashionable. In addition to red and blue, you can also use the white coolness to neutralize the red enthusiasm, which will have a different visual experience.


red and blue


/ Camel Caramel /


In addition to the basic colors of black and white in autumn and winter, it is estimated that this group of colors is the most common. The most advanced way to wear this set of earth colors is to stack several colors of different shades but similar colors, which are harmonious but advanced.


fashion style


/White green/


Green is not easy to control, but when combined with white, it will look fresh and generous.


clothing collocation


/ Black red /


It is needless to say that warm red and calm black is a group of classic high-level color matching and complement each other, it will enhance the texture of the overall shape.


clothing collocation


/ Pink blue /


In recent years, the pink that has become popular in the past few years, it has retained the sense of girlhood, whether it is a pink sweater with light blue jeans, or a pink jacket with jeans, you can wear the street style.


pink and blue clothing collocation


/ Pink grey /


The high-grade gray is matched with a dreamy powder. The restraint and texture of the gray can neutralize the cute and sweet pink, giving the girl a sense of advanced taste. Pink with grayscale can wear the same color system and harmony with gray.



/ Camel Denim Blue /


This is a set of retro and casual neutral style colors. Denim blue can neutralize the light maturity of camel that making the overall shape more casual and fashionable.


fashion style


/ Camel white /


White lighting effects can further brighten the skin tone of camel. The camel coat and white inner layer can wear good looks and good temperament, or the camel coat is paired with a white wide-leg pants, which has a rhythm of walking with the wind, clean and neat.


clothing collocation



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