Little daisy pattern style is very popular in 2020

Author:Tom 2020-05-14

To say the hottest popular element in spring and summer in this year, the first is definitely the small daisy. Little Daisy seems to have a magical power, and it will be brought in crazy by fashion people in 2020.


small daisysmall daisy


The extremely warm and romantic little daisies became popular, has a great relationship with G-Dragon. GD ’s love for little daisies has overflowed the screen. It is not surprising that little daisies popular on the fashio cricle.




Many female celebrities also have show special preference love to it. Lisa, Jennie, Zhang Li, Ouyang Nana, Yu Shuxin, Song Hye Gyo, etc. all have costumes that wear small daisies, expressing their love for small daisies to the fullest.



Fashion bloggers even bought a variety of small daisies item, accessories, bags, socks and even mobile phone cases, let small daisies bloom in every corner of the body.


Small daisies bagSmall daisies sock


In fact, innocent daisy patterns are common on major T-stages. The smart beauty and rich colors present a retro style. Maintain exaggerated colors and bright layouts to appear young that create modern and avant-garde shapes.



The use of bright prints, realism and other methods to present the daisy shape is very innovative and brings new inspiration to the basic style design.

Large area printing

The use of fresh and pure daisy print patterns into a large area of clothing, creating a world of flowers, set off a romantic mood. At the same time, it creates a sweet and lively temperament for women, which is one of the first choices for the classic print of summer dresses.


small daisy


Local decoration

Delicate and stylish little daisies are partially embellished in the clothing, creating a simple and elegant detail design. The just right decoration plays a prominent role in the overall shape.



New elements of fashion

Combine the chain pattern and daisy elements to form a fashionable and cute clothing pattern.



The dreamy little daisies combined with artistic text patterns, present a popular single item that is beautiful and full of street sense.


daisy pattern styel


The psychedelic twisted stripe print adds a new element of small daisies, which is both young and artistic.



Incorporate the little daisies into the ready-to-wear, and render the flowers drawn in color to set off a romantic mood.


The cute little daisies are imprinted on the brand imprint, which shows the brand's frankness and fun, but also calls for the brand's sense of belonging.



When the gentle daisy pattern and animal image are combined, it gives people a sense of rigid power and brings romance.



How can you miss the early summer that belongs to little daisy?