Author:Tom 2020-03-17

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's national living standards and the support of the national second-born child policy, society and families have given increasing attention to cultivating the next generation. The consumption expenditure of infants and children as a percentage of household consumption expenditure has increased year by year. China's children's clothing market has therefore entered a stage of rapid development.

Post-85s and post-95s are entering the parenting force

Product price is no longer sensitive, quality is more important

For most of the post-90s, post-80s, or earlier generations, the memory of their childhood dress may be blank. In fact, in most cases, parents are the final decision-making buyers, and their own consumption habits will be projected on the children, and they hope to cultivate the children's aesthetic awareness in the subtle way. Children's clothing consumption is gradually dominated by young parents of the "post-85s" and "post-95s" who entered the childcare force. These young parents pay more attention to the concept of child-rearing and good parenting. Cost-effectiveness is no longer a primary consideration for them. Young parents have higher requirements for clothing comfort, aesthetics, functional details and safety.

Green health and safety are still the primary considerations for parents when choosing children's clothing. However, the current children's clothing market is a good and bad mixed together, with serious product homogeneity and low overall quality, leaving consumers unable to get started. Even when the safety and quality of children's clothing gradually become a hygiene factor (maintaining factor is a factor that prevents consumer dissatisfaction), young consumers will value the sense of design and uniqueness of the product while paying attention to the comfort of children's clothing. The diversification of market demand has spawned more emerging business formats and emerging brands. Take the children's clothing brand MarColor Macalore as an example. This brand, which was born in 2015 that was relied on the parent company Semir Group to quickly enter the public's horizons.

Brand Join Together to rebuild the classic trench coat

Control product tone and quality to form brand recognition

At the beginning of the brand's establishment, “MarColor” realized that how to build brand barriers and quickly improve brand recognition is the key point to stay in the market for a long time. Macalle aims to provide high-quality products and a caring environment for children to enjoy, helping parents to easily raise children and live a convenient life. As a children's clothing brand of Semir Apparel, MarColor Macalore focuses on providing one-stop clothing and dressing solutions for children aged 0-7.

High-quality, childlike, warm and delicate are the brand's DNA. Relying on the resources and technical resources of the Senma Group, we cooperate with domestic excellent yarn suppliers, fabric suppliers, and garment factories to provide products that better meet the skin and body characteristics of Chinese babies, and achieve quality control of the entire category.

The product quality and materials of children's clothing are the most sensitive part of consumers, and the safety and comfort of a garment are inseparable from the fabrics it chooses. In addition to strictly complying with national standards for quality inspection of children's clothing, MarColor also pays great attention to refining market differences, choosing soft and comfortable fabrics, and controlling the high-quality output of products. In the spring of 2020, MarColor and DuPont's SORONA? renewable resource fiber will reshape and upgrade the classic trench coat fabric!

The trench coat as a classic style has always been loved by everyone in the fashion industry, and also in children's clothing. Lightweight and versatile windbreaker, best suited for changing seasons. Children always wantonly sway this vigorous energy. The new trench coat series of Macalle reveals the gentle and elegant side of children that is creating little ladies and gentlemen in spring.


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