Misty Dried Flowers Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Author:Alice 2020-03-04

The Pattern Trend for Womenswear


Falling flowers seem to be connected with a dreamlike feeling. The dried flower is more plain and elegant than fresh flowers, with misty tones and a light feel to add elegance to clothing.


fashion catwalk style


The dried flower is quite fresh and elegant in collections of A/W 2021. Catering to the hazy trend, florals and the dried flower get blurred through ink painting. And they are applied to silk and gauze, quite ethereal. Colors tend to be greyish and with low saturation, quite fit for the quiet and elegant autumn and winter. The technique of expression combines dry drawing of oil painting and wet painting blurring of watercolor to divide dry and wet layers and transit gently.


fashion catwalk style


Various flowers and leaves are blended. The leaves are light and thin, and swaying in the wind. They can be printed on silk fabrics to highlight the fine and light petals. Colors can be paired with light ink to be more plain and elegant.


Falling Flowers


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