Printed shirts design and colour are rich and fashionable

Author:Tom 2021-09-26

Shirts, as a single item that intellectual women often choose when matching clothes, actually have many styles. When choosing shirts, most women will use white shirts to match them.


However, if you wear a lot of white shirts, it is very easy to get hitting the shirt on the street. I believe that every woman hopes that her style is very unique and personal. If there is a zigzag situation, it will look more embarrassing.


print shirt


In this case, you can use a printed shirt to match yourself to avoid the embarrassment of wearing the same white shirt. There are many styles of printed shirts, so there is rarely a situation of bumping shirts. Printing The selection and matching of shirts need to pay attention to skills.


Don't wear white shirts all the time, don't printed shirts smell good? The color is rich and fashionable, and it is super beautiful when worn right, so do you know the key points of matching printed shirts? Learn these collocations, don't miss the fashionistas.


print shirt


Features of printed shirts


Intellectual and fashionable


First of all, let’s take a look at the characteristics of printed shirts. Printed shirts retain the intellectual charm of the shirt itself, and can make women's temperament more intellectual and elegant, which is very suitable for women with a certain age.


However, printed shirts will add printed patterns on the basis of shirts, and use different printed patterns to enhance the fashion sense and sexy of the model, so that each model has a different charm.


print shirt


Easy to be fancy


But it is because there are too many patterns in the smoky printed shirt, so it is easy to make your image look a little fancy and messy. If you don't like this kind of printed shirt, then try not to try this kind of shirt.


So when choosing a printed shirt, you must pay attention to the selection of printed patterns. You can't choose those styles with too strong colors, otherwise it will easily reduce the sense of simplicity.


print shirt


Printed shirt styles


Striped print shirt


Then take a look at some of the more representative styles of printed shirts. There are many styles of printed patterns. The most common one can be said to be the striped pattern. Although the striped element is a separate element type, it It is also printed. One of the elements.


The use of striped printed shirts can well modify women's body lines and make the lines more smooth, so the overall shape will look more intellectual and capable.


print shirt


Printed shirt cardigan


Printed shirts can be worn alone, or you can choose to wear cardigans in the form of stacked with other clothing. For printed shirts, you must pay attention to the choice of cardigans. If you have a good figure, you can choose a short printed cardigan.


If your figure is not particularly good, or you want to wear a little looser, then try to choose a loose version of the printed shirt cardigan, with a white t-shirt or white camisole, are good choices.


print shirt


Leopard print shirt


Many women have very mature temperament, so when choosing printed shirts, they will choose some more mature and attractive printed patterns. For example, leopard print is a very typical mature printed pattern.


Leopard print is wild and beautiful, so leopard print shirts can make women's image more feminine. It is recommended to choose shirts with white as the background color. In this way, adding leopard prints will not look so contradictory.


Leopard print shirt


Navel print shirt


Women with outstanding figures can use printed shirts to show off their good figures, so when choosing a shirt, you might as well try a printed shirt with a navel to show off your waistline and vest line.


Lu Qishi's choice of colorful shirts is also very particular. You can choose the form of tightening the hem, and the loose form of the upper body. This matching method will make the shape more layered.


Navel print shirt


Matching printed shirts


Printed shirt + jeans


Printed shirts can also be matched with many trousers or skirts. First of all, the most common way of matching is with jeans. Printed shirts can be matched with denim trousers or denim shorts.


It is recommended to choose light blue jeans, this style will give people a fresher feeling, and the way to wear printed shirts is also exquisite. It can be tucked into the waistband on one side and exposed on the other side. This shape is very individual.


print shirt


Printed shirt + wide leg pants


In order to enhance the intellectual charm of the shape, printed shirts can be matched with wide-leg trousers, and wide-leg trousers try to choose the style of wide-leg trousers, because trousers are very helpful for improving the sense of competence and knowledge.


Printed shirts and wide-leg pants are recommended to choose warm colors, such as ginger yellow, bright yellow, etc. The matching of printed shirts and wide-leg pants is a good choice. This warm color will also make women look more gentle.


Printed shirt + wide leg pants


Printed shirt + short skirt


Women with outstanding legs can use short skirts to match printed shirts. There are many styles of short skirts to choose from, such as pleated skirts and loose versions. It will give people a very elegant feeling.


You can also choose a short skirt with hips. This short skirt will outline the superior waist-to-hip ratio of women, and at the same time will make your image more like a woman in the workplace. Even a printed shirt can be worn in the workplace. 


print shirt


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