Silhouette Evolution of Women's Overcoats

Author:Tom 2020-08-27

Women's Overcoats


With the rise of re-created classics in A/W 20/21, overcoats will combine classics with novelty in a more fitted and refined way in A/W 21/22. In order to display silhouette changes of overcoats in A/W 21/22, this report analyzes overcoats in two seasons from perspectives of shoulder, sleeves, waist, hemline, cutting and styles.


Women's Overcoats


Evolution of Wide-Shoulder


As females in the new era grow stronger, the powerful wide-shoulder design is kept in women's overcoats. In A/W 20/21, the wide-shoulder structure is slightly upturned, while in A/W 21/22, this wide-shoulder look will be dropped, weakening the sharp feel.




3D Silhouettes

3D cutting will continue from A/W 21/22 to A/W 21/22, from overcoats to other categories. From overcoats of Bottega Veneta in two seasons, we can see obvious silhouettes. Firstly, 3D cutting enhances the volume and space of overcoats. Secondly, gathered collar releases the strong trend signal and the lifted waistline accentuates female form.


3D Silhouettes


Changes on the Waist

Sculptural overcoats of Balenciaga show waist changes. From A/W 20/21 to A/W 21/22, the silhouette is clearly 3D and gets improved, with broadened shoulder and fitted hip line to lift the visual focus.


women's overcoat


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