Summer Floral Shirts Pattern Trend for Menswear

Author:Alice 2019-08-22

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Print work best in summer. Tropical floral shirts stand out this season. The classic Hawaiian and new street styles appear.


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With the prevalence of retro styling, printed shirts in intense colors are ideal. Floral shirts from luxe and street brands are popular. The heritage Hawaiian shirt, new looks and collars, outerwear and tees are unique and glamorous.


Catwalk Looks


The coastal palm tree scenes and ombre grounds are combined. Large-scale simple patterns with few repeats are like paintings.


Palm Tree Silhouettes/Ombre Scenes


The all-over patterns on the Hawaiian shirt are common. Different sizes and layouts show different effects. Ombre brights add depth.


Palm Trees/All-Over Prints


The layout is underlined for the single sprig. The blank parts are unique and attractive.


The Single Sprig/Placement Motifs


Oversized sprigs are full of energy. Florals in brights add depth.


Oversized Sprigs/Florals


The combo of florals and birds is lively.


floral pattern trend


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