The 25/26 Fall Winter Fast-response Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2024-05-24


This report takes embracing nature as the theme, with natural textures, trendy animal patterns, and nostalgic plants as the entry points, to analyze and predict the popularity of patterns of female autumn and winter top and coat group leaders. Assist relevant brands in developing styles during the autumn and winter seasons, and increase the sales attractiveness of related items.

pattern trend

In order to alleviate the pressure of urban work, engaging in outdoor activities in leisure time has become a necessary way of adjustment. Embracing nature and enjoying its tranquility and beauty has become our preferred way to release stress. Combining the current public's love for leisure and healing themes, designers have integrated natural elements into clothing design, extracting natural elements such as the earth, wilderness, and flora and fauna, injecting a warm and heavy sense of attention into winter clothing design. It can also be combined with outdoor elements to add vitality to the design.

pattern trend

The inspiration for natural textures comes from nature, using earth colors and abstract artistic effects as media, cleverly imitating various textures in nature, bringing a sense of comfort and tranquility. Create rich and durable textures, as well as natural and beautiful pattern contours, giving autumn and winter items a sense of fashion and practicality.


The trendy animal pattern is based on the classic and popular animal pattern, combined with various popular artistic techniques, injecting new vitality into this traditional pattern. Common techniques include combining with popular art techniques such as smudging and blurring; Geometrizing animal patterns to make them more modern; Or as an element embellishment in the pattern; Make it more suitable for use in the domestic market.

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