The A/W 22/23 Fabric Trend of Fantastic Tweed Theme

Author:Tom 2021-08-30

fabric trend


Tweed was once widely used as the fabric of menswear in Britain, and the fashion master Coco Chanel integrated it into the womenswear design later. Changes of yarns and the mix of different materials and colors present rich textures. As the classic of CHANEL, tweed suit shows an entry-lux style. After an entire century, tweed uses wool as the material instead of the original twill structure. With the constant development and innovation of spinning and yarn, tweed fabric still keeps its elegancy and provides women with vogue and gracefulness. This report will demonstrate the recommended styles and materials for A/W 22/23 tweed through the introduction of fancy yarn, sequined tweed, checked texture, monochrome plain and inlaid ribbon.


Fabric Trend


Style Keywords: Sweet & naughty, elegant lady, gentle & cute


Yarn Material: Common fancy yarns include slub yarn, knot yarn, color yarn and tape yarn. With the upgradation of spinning technology, fiber material tends to use the blending of cotton, viscose and polyester staple. The development of glossy viscose and nylon provides more possibilities for fancy yarns. And the non-woven yarn can be doubled with fancy yarns or twisted(knotted) itself to broaden the appearance and shape.


Developing Trend: Such fabric pays more attention to the expression of appearance and raw materials with high cost-efficiency. The change of fancy yarn has been the key developing point. Except for the mentioned common skills, multi-color design has also been a new trend. Besides, variable fancy yarns can be paired with doubled yarns with different twists as well.


fabric tremd


Fancy yarn fabrics show abundant colors and elegant cuteness. The rich textures and layers of fabric are suitable for minimalist and elegant styles. Pale dress and suit jacket fit entry-lux ladies. Pale yarns can be added into dark fancy yarns to make the fabric more youthful and breathable. The style in suit is more suitable for mature women.


fabric trend


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