The Analysis of Angel Chen The Womenswear Designer Brand

Author:Tom 2022-01-05

Womenswear Designer Brand


Angel Chen was founded by the Chinese designer in 2014. Following her graduate collection, Chen was chosen by i-D as one of five designers-to-watch. S/S 2022 collection was a cooperation between Angel Chen and the artist Amey Sali. Inspired by the classic martial-art flims, they provided a fashion feast for the public. To present an oriental accent on fashion works, Angel Chen applied tie-dyeing and ink painting on fabrics. Chinese elements as calligraphy and traditional embroidery were integrated for a charming painting of oriental martial art.


Womenswear Designer Brand


Color is at the center of Angel Chen’s brand DNA. Cooperated with the contemporary Indian artist Amey Sali, Angel Chen presented impactive and bright tints on robe-style outerwear, tutu, and dancing wear through water rubbing, ink-jet painting, color painting, and transferring.


Angel chen x Amey Sali


To pay homage to classic martial-art films, Chinese calligraphy and embroidery elements were added into this collection. Translucent materials, wide sleeves, and robe-like outerwear were embroidered by Chinese characters for strong identity. The embroideries on textured cotton-linen outerwear fully expressed the image of oriental kong fu masters.


Chinese Calligraphy & Embroidery

The smudged effect comes from the ink splashing of traditional Chinese painting. The all-over printing on loose-fit shirtdress, classical pants, and robe-like outerwear is combined with tie-dyeing to present natural and random patterns. The visual tension of smudged ink strengthens the qua-lity and texture if fabrics.


Smudged Ink


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