The Analysis of En Or The Womenswear Designer Brand

Author:Tom 2021-12-10

Womenswear Designer Brand

Brand Analysis

En Or is a Korean fashion label aiming at rebuilding and completing the classics by fusing retro with the temperament. A/W 21/22 collection set off creative details and retro color emotions based on unisex oversized silhouettes; the unique tailoring updated the classics by details.


Jacquard Stripes

Jacquard Stripes

All-matching knitwear is mainly presented by geometric jacquard this season. 3D-effect checkerboard jacquard uses casual color blocks for richness; irregular stripes with different thicknesses are presented horizontally for an artistic and casual temperament; healing greens and classic grays feel a youthful and nostalgic touch.


Jacquard Stripes

Minimalist, natural Korean-style overcoats select high-quality cashmere with a comfortable and delicate handle. The padded silhouette of suit shows power and feminine body lines in winter, while the combination with eye-catching belts and oversized buttons further strengthens the power of women. Middle-length commuting overcoat is both thermal and lightweight.
Casual Sweatshirt
The sweatshirts in A/W mainly show voluminous silhouettes. Two-way zipped placket is combined with large turn-down collars to create a deconstructed mix-and-match, which well interprets the delicate and casual style. The sweatshirt patched with tonal heterogeneous hood enriches the wearing experience.
Casual Sweatshirt

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