The Analysis of It MICHAA The Womenswear Designer Brand

Author:Tom 2021-06-09

Womenswear Designer Brand


It MICHAA is the young sub-brand of the high-end Korean womenswear brand MICHAA. The brand signed Kim Ji-soo as the spokesman and have become the first choice of famous Korean film stars. The gentle feminine lines look for the balance between classical and modern. The latest online collection -- For a Day Michaa released the S/S 2021 campaign featured Kim Ji-soo.


Womenswear Designer Brand


For a Day Michaa is the latest online collection of MICHAA, which shows elegant dress and lovely collared shirt. Professional casual items are perfectly interpreted by the neat and sexy Kim Ji-soo, providing diversified styles.


For a Day Michaa X Kim Ji-soo


Comfortable loungewear silhouette further improves the casualness of denim items. Fashionable one-piece tube suit is elegant and direct. The collocation with knit blouse and tweed skirt balances leisure and elegance, and presents diverse professional looks.


Elegant Leisure style


Waisted dress ends above the knee or at the middle shank. Beige embroidered lace shows the graceful lady style. Shirt dress and classic knit dress with black & white stripes create delicate professional looks.


Sweet Dress


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