The Analysis of Online Première Vision for the Ecological Responsibility

Author:Tom 2020-09-27

Online Première Vision


Despite the COVID-19, the A/W 21/22 PV is held via live streaming, supporting the global fashion industry. This time eco-friendly fabrics will focus on Ecological Responsibility to offer various sustainable solutions. Yarn and fiber manufactures are dedicated to sustainability and lead the development of eco-friendly fabrics.


Online Première Vision


Yarns are the building blocks of eco-responsible textiles, and the focus of A/W 21/22 PV. Starting from the sources of knitted fabrics, 100% organic fibers or natural fibers are combined with weaving or processes with a low ecological impact and try to make sure recyclability, biodegradability and sustainability. In addition, ecological organic knitted fabrics are moisture-wicking, easy to dye, fine and comfortable, fit for sweatshirts.


Natural Organic Knitted Fabrics


As plant fibers emerge, making good use of plants can minimize the affect of chemicals and save raw materials. New denim mixes plant fibers, vegetable dyeing and organic cotton to promise 100% sustainability, thus the fabric will be more eco-friendly and comfortable.


Green Denim Blends


This time wool breaks its limits. Diversified recycled natural fibers use recycled cashmere or recycled wool for high-end men's and women's suits, offering more possibilities. Exquisite check wool and herringbone wool stand out, fit for various suits, overcoats and outerwear.


Recycled Wool


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