The Analysis of Pattern Design

Author:Spring 2024-04-16

Pattern Design

In response to the summary of external patterns, this month's POP focuses on the theme of "cultural tourism" as the starting point, and conducts cross industry analysis from patterns such as Suzhou Museum, Panda IP, stamp-collecting tourism, Hongshan Zoo and Butter Bear, popular intangible cultural heritage Xu Xing grass weaving, and Chinese style ink painting techniques. This month, the Dimoo Panda Chengdu Station exhibition further promoted the export of Sichuan panda culture; The butter teddy bear, with its cute appearance and the character setting of a "well behaved worker," has captured the hearts of young people and successfully transformed dessert sales into a cultural phenomenon; Here is a specific analysis of popular patterns.


Pattern Design

POP collects external patterns and summarizes the following data. For the industry, patterns that can be used for flat surfaces account for a large proportion, followed by clothing and home textile patterns. In terms of element content, animal patterns dominateStatus, accounting for 33%, is an important element that cannot be ignored. Naturally, it accounts for 25% and is a key focus of attention this month. From the perspective of technique, Chinese style ink painting technique is also a popular technique in pattern design, often used in the fields of clothing design and home textile design. (If there are any copyright issues with this content, please contact us.)
pattern trend

The Suzhou Museum is based on the study of traditional culture and museum collections;The core of studying modern people's lifestyle, behavioral characteristics, consumption concepts, aesthetic needs, etc. Continuously launching a variety of exhibition activities, such as the "Meeting the Wise and Thinking Together - Ming and Qing Portrait Painting Special Exhibition" which opened on April 4th at the West Hall of Suzhou Museum, the Ancient Assyrian Treasures Exhibition held at the British Museum on April 30th, and the joint event between Suzhou Museum and the Fauvism movement, using cultural and creative products as carriers to ignite a check-in frenzy.

Popular Pattern Suzhou Museum

Sichuan Panda Culture and Tourism provides a variety of experiences such as panda viewing, research, and interaction, while also launching a series of cultural and tourism products with regional characteristics, such as giant panda installations, panda themed hotels, and the joint launch of the Dimoo Panda series with Dimoo from March 22nd to April 21st. Through various channels and platforms, the promotion has increased the popularity and influence of panda culture and tourism.

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