The Analysis of Pushbutton The Womenswear Designer Brandf

Author:Tom 2021-12-31

Womenswear Designer Brand


Founded by the designer Park Seung-Gun in 2003, Pushbutton is the most popular label in South Korea. The designer Park, a former K-Pop star, regards Madonna as his inspiration muse, and the brand is named after the lyrics in her hit song Hollywood – "Push the button, don't push the button." Focusing on conceptual designs, Pushbutton combines contrasting elements to create eye-catching and naughty streetwear. The fusion of sexual appeal and sportif, femininity and masculinity, and classic and future presents a unique aesthetic.




Designer accentuates the chest lines through creases, heterogeneous splicing, and tailoring, which fuses women's allure with gracefulness. The combination of knitted fabrics and gauze provides more layers.


Underlined Chest


The mock-layered design in Pushbutton's Resort 2022 collection focuses on the layering of undershirt and outerwear. The hetero-geneous outer layer of slim-fit undershirt shows great personality. Besides, knitwear lengthens the placket on one side to provide an asymmetric effect and the function of scarves.




The design of ruffle is appeared throughout the whole collection. Different from the agile stringy selvedge, designer increases the textures and volume of ruffles to exude a rebellious temperament.


Ruffle womenswear


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