The Analysis of Womenswear E-commerce Live Streaming in China

Author:Alice 2020-06-04


Hit by the pandemic in 2020, the real economy has been affected, while e-commerce on live streaming rises. With the gradual improvement of mobile terminal functions, the live streaming industry may usher in a huge commercial market larger than the existing physical market. And its market share that increases every year undoubtedly proves its huge commercial opportunity.


The Analysis of Live Streaming Market

The proportion of the tertiary industry is higher in the first quarter of 2020. Users are more loyal to the platform of live streaming. The development of MCN and the growing talent-scout group popularize this industry.


Market Overview and Industry Orientation

The TOP 10 styles are mostly in a simple silhouette. Simple elements such as daisy, sequins and check become key words. Light and thin summer sets hold the largest proportion. Besides, the cropped top and straight jeans are prevalent.


TOP10 List of Sales Quantity in One Week

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