The Animal Image Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-09-19

Womenswear pattern


MINISO launched an animal welfare exhibition to stop animal abuse. Major brands have successively introduced animal-themed patterns, which are very prominent in this season's pattern show. This report explores the application of animal patterns in clothing design through three main themes: animal photography, realistic fun, and simplified visuals. It aims to make animal patterns more artistically interesting in the development of the 2025 spring and summer collections, while also showcasing the cute charm of animals. The call to humanity is: "Whether it's wildlife or the little animals around us, they all need to coexist peacefully with humans."


Womenswear pattern trend


In the 23/24 autumn/winter women's fashion pattern trend, animal-themed patterns have attracted consumers' attention. The use of photography, monochrome, realism, and other artistic effects in animal patterns adds a sense of layers and artistic beauty, showcasing a unique and fashion-forward personality.

women's pattern trend inspiration


This design uses a realistic image representation technique combined with exposure, filters, and other photo processing techniques to age the pattern. The hazy visual effect gives the impression of being immersed in the beauty of the animal world, capturing its wildness. These types of patterns can be applied to garments such as t-shirts and dresses using digital printing technology in a full-print form.


women's Animal Photography


Slight noise minimizes the realism of patterns while enriching the visual experience, resembling the artistic and textural quality of blurred imagery created by exposure. This creates a fashionable aesthetic, presenting patterns with a hazy beauty and a strong sense of contemporary artistic flair. Depending on different foundational forms and combination methods, it can be incorporated into various garments, injecting more design inspiration into women's pattern designs.

women's Realistic Fun pattern


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