The Chic and Fun Pattern Trend for Women's Leather and Fur Clothing

Author:Tom 2020-09-09

Women's Leather and Fur Clothing


Fun letters are indispensable for womenswear. Logos promote the brand. Graffiti, figure illustrations and chic letters pair with bold colors to inject a fun and chic feel into regular styles. Clothing materials are diversified. Leather, fur and polar fleece make items diversified and cater to street fashion style.


Women's Leather and Fur Clothing


Graffiti can display the essence of street culture. Letter graffiti and fun graffiti pattern reflect the novel maximalist theme and express a different attitude of current young groups.


Chic Graffiti pattern


All-over letter prints enrich colors, add a design sense and promote the brand. KIRIN is noteworthy, which combines letters with color blocks.


Letter Games pattern


Logos are recognizable. The double F logo of Fendi, LV's monogram, and Burberry's TB are all-over used for dynamic and vigorous looks.


Logos pattern


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