The Clothing Collocation for Women's Universal Korean Style Denim

Author:Tom 2021-09-26

Women's Denim


The era of quality and leisure stimulates consumers' longing for comfort and safety. Durable and stylish denim has been the first choice to reform the wardrobe. The clothing collocation of denim in S/S 2023 is tend be more comfortable and natural, which also exudes a Korean accent. Basic and versatile items in refreshing and healing colors are paired to complete the look of good girls, and we call this look "universal Korean style".


Women's Denim


The collocation of cropped sweatshirt and flared jeans can better improve the body proportion. The waist-length upper garment lengthens the proportion, and the flared silhouette of jeans uses splicing to present strong inclusiveness. Simple detail is must-have for this universal Korean style.


Cropped Sweatshirt & Flared Jeans


Jacket is paired with patchwork jeans to complete a look for early spring. The length 5cm below the waistline is more agile and fashionable. Matched camisole and patchwork jeans strengthen the layers of the look.


Jacket & Patchwork Jeans


Waist-length cardigan lengthens the body proportion, and the pairing with high-waist jeans feels sweet yet slightly rebellious. Decorated and designed waistbands can better accentuate the details.


Waist-length Cardigan & Straight Jeans


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