The Color Trend for Chinese Poetic Rhyme Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-04-17

Color Trend for Womenswear


As the younger generation of Chinese consumers deepen their understanding of Chinese style, the promotion of Chinese cultural elements continues to expand. Fashion COSMO has special initiatives promoting traditional dramas. Chinese Hanfu Day is concurrently held in various locations, with activities such as watching Hanfu shows, browsing Chinese-style markets, attending cultural lectures, and experiencing national beauty makeup.

The popularity of historical dramas have pushed traditional Chinese culture to a new wave. Through the perspective of clothing, the collision between classic modern and traditional elements is once again interpreted.


Color Inspiration


Traditional Chinese colors contain the aesthetic taste and ancient cultural heritage of the Chinese people. It is said that colors are a way of understanding the world, and traditional Chinese colors blend into daily life, nourishing the inner self, reflecting a splendid aesthetic phenomenon. 


Color Palette


Orange is bright and passionate, brilliant and eye-catching, with the brightness and warmth of the sun. Bright and warm yellow and orange are invigorating colors closely related to joy. They can evoke images of sunshine and harvest, creating a feeling of pleasure and happiness.



The color of Yixing’s wine is quite different from that of Guanzhong and Chuanzhong, and it has its unique features. Su Dongpo, a great poet in ancient China, loved this wine. Through the presentation of color in traditional Chinese clothing, it represents a warm and noble delicacy.


Key Color -- Yam


The dark red palette appears almost faded and grayish tones, indicating that it contains less red pigment and presents an overall reddish-brown hue. The color is calm and understated, not flashy but with a natural elegance.

Dark Red


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