The Color Trend for Men's New Business Style Knitwear

Author:Tom 2021-08-18

Men's Knitwear


The constant exploration of inner mind and nature and the strengthened awareness about environmental protection allow colors to promote and express emotions. Driven by this factor, the color application of new business knitwear has been more positive. Cross-seasonal and highly inclusive color properties are the key points. Earthy color tone is softer in this season, which focuses on creating a comfortable feel. Red colors maintain the vitality and show more steadiness. Blue & green colors present a more peaceful individuality. As the bright color of the whole palette, yellow can better improve the mood.


Men's Knitwear

fashion color trend for men's knitwear in 22/23 aw


Earthy Shifting Sand exudes a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. The application on loungewear and commuting dress focuses on creating a delicate low-pace lifestyle and presenting the elegancy of business elites. High-quality yarn has become the key point to fully reveal the hue of Shifting Sand.


Men's Knitwear


The high quality of Shifting Sand is brought by yarns on the runways. Fancy yarn and fuzzy mohair present a warm and gentle temperament. The use of stitching is also important to the knitwear in Shifting Sand, which increases the textures and shows more changes.


Men's Knitwear


Shifting Sand is combined with exquisite stitching to present gracefulness, and the made open texture and geometric shape are rather delicate. Patterns are decorated on knitwear to reveal a casual and comfortable feeling. The use of fancy yarn focuses on the understated temperament.


Men's Knitwear


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