The Color Trend for Women's Underwear

Author:Alice 2020-06-11

Women's Underwear


Taping into people's focus on home-wear and versatile and cosy colors, S/S 2022 colors will appeal to cautious consumers. Colors for intimates balance between people's pursuit of novelty and dependence on familiar things. Therefore, the palette for 2022 intimates is divided into two parts. On one hand, enhanced natural colors consist of strongly digital organic colors, vigorous and optimistic. Dynamic and positive brights upgrade familiar styles and details. Unique hot hues can transform basic shapes, prints, fabrics and embroidery. On the other hand, everyday pleasing colors feature gentle and basic tones, exuding a leisure and familiar feel. Dance-inspired pinks and purples create light brown neutrals. Durable and versatile colors are chosen to protect the supply chain and carry out sustainability.


Women's Underwear


Festival Fuchsia is a key color for S/S 2022. Its supernatural feature and mood-booting quality make it ideal for both the real world and digital world. Festival Fuchsia, Grape Wine and Bright Cobalt inject vitality into embroidery. Handicrafts create print and dye effects, fit for embroidered intimates, sleepwear and loungewear, or holiday series.


Digital-Inspired Brights


Unique hot colors become the ideal choice to renew core silhouettes and simplify retro shapes. They can be applied to personalized clothing or combined with leisure wear. Bombay Brown, Vallarta Blue and Green Moss work as deeper retro hues. Radiant Yellow is one of key colors for S/S 2022, and will be a new bright to inject new yellows into oranges in high summer.


Unique Hot Colors


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