The Comprehensive Analysis of Simple and Casual Menswear Markets in Guangzhou

Author:Alice 2020-07-06

Menswear Markets


Styles in this report mostly come from UUS and HUI MEI INTERNATIONAL. Generally speaking, menswear are practical and casual. Workwear and leisure styles remain mainstreams. Patterns, crafts and other fun designs enhance the design sense. Cotton and linen return back, which is a new fashion trend in summer. Splicing remains the main craft. Letter and cartoon reinforce the vitality.




Workwear styles select fashionable colors, pockets and fabrics. Changeable designs bring a new visual experience for workwear styles. Short-sleeved workwear shirts become the main trend with their versatility and layered match.




The loose silhouette and pattern design tap into the young market. Dynamic colors and fun patterns enhance the visual tensile force and bring multiple possibilities.


menswear Style


Cotton and linen are lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking, quite popular in summer. A solid color, stripes and checks work with cotton and line to create simple retro or fashion leisure styles.


Lightweight Cotton and Linen


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