The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Benchmark Fashion Brands

Author:Alice 2020-06-17

Womenswear Benchmark Fashion Brands


This report makes a key analysis of INXX, GUUKA, GENANX, Dangerouspeople and Bosie agender. Key details include collaborated patterns with illustrators, bug interference, digital linear fragments, Chinese characters and Chinese fashion. Color-blocking remains the main craft. Safety buckle and other decorative details are also noteworthy.


Overview of Key Fashion Brands


GENANX, Dangerouspeople, GUUKA and other fashion brands all join this activity. Any fashion item can be the artwork to show the wearer's fashion attitude and extend individuality.


Fashion Tmall


Brand Dynamics

1. 8-bit retro pixel quality sense from the 1980s runs through the whole collection. "MAKE SMILE", the classic icon of GRAFFLEX, is made into the 8-bit pixel style. INXX also uses 8-bit style to reinterpret its logo. Tie-dye, paisley and leopard prints are added to present modern street wear under the vintage trend. 2. The S/S 2020 collaboration collection of INXX and Birdhead (photographer artists) extracts collage patterns and calligraphy handwriting from works of Birdhead. INXX reorganizes them in a bold design technique. In May, it presents the setting of Huge Waves of the Sea. 3. Guuka opens a new store in Harbin.


Brand Dynamics


T-shirts and trousers occupy a high proportion, followed by outerwear and shirts. Fashionable patterns and color-blocking are dominant. Patterns include bug interference, impulsion graphics, digital linear fragments and twisted linear designs. The loose straight silhouette is dominant. As for details, sportif drawstring, workwear pockets and safety buckle are added to reinforce the cool futuristic feel.


Data Analysis of New Products of Fashion Brands


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