The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Market

Author:Tom 2020-07-15



Data Analysis


Based on downloading and viewing data users in the first half of 2020, this report ranks top 10 items and their top 10 styles, and makes a key analysis of hot elements to provide the latest market trends. From the chart we can see T-shirts are the most viewed but only rank the fifth place in terms of downloading times. From the general data, puffa jackets are the most popular.


Data Analysis


No.1 -- TOP 10 Styles of Puffa Jackets

Puffa jackets gain the most attention in the half of the year. Here are the top 10 styles. (From left to right are 1-5, 6-10.) The detachable spliced puffa jacket of Astrid Andersen is the top 1. It delivers an edgy functional feel and cool boyfriend style via refined crafts and bold deconstruction. According to these styles, puffa jackets make use of sports accessories such as elastic band and stopper. Sports accessories bring creative designs for various styles.


Puffa Jackets


No.2 -- TOP 10 Styles of Overcoats

From the top 10 styles (From left to right are 1-5, 6-10.), we can see Burberry and Max Mara gain the most attention. Burberry's use of accessories is worth reference. Refined cutting and the neat silhouette reflect that the elevated minimalist style gains the most attention.


Styles of Overcoats


No.3 -- TOP 10 Styles of Dresses

The waisted X-line silhouette is dominant. Users download items of Louis Vuitton the most and pay more attention to the lady style. The first 2 dresses set a good example for fabric application.


TOP 10 Styles of Dresses


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