The Comprehensive Runway Analysis of Womenswear Pattern

Author:Tom 2021-11-04

fashion pattern trend

This report mainly puts emphasis on the patterns of womenswear runways, and compares the proportion of each mainstream element and style in S/S 2022 and S/S 2021. Plant pattern remains the dominating position on S/S 2022 womenswear runways; folk patterns, European-style patterns, and human figures trend upward, while animal stripes and linear patterns present a decreasing trend. Notably, the wallpaper-style floral pattern is also appeared frequently on the latest runways.


fashion pattern trend

This report mainly refines the ethnic patterns on S/S 2022 womenswear runways. Baroque patterns, graphic floral patterns, and round knitting remain the proportions; although paisley has trended downward, there emerged new applications; Chinese style flower and scenery patterns present a distinct uptrend.


fashion pattern trend

1 Baroque Pattern
Keywords: European style; Baroque; Eyes; Scenery; Art frame
fashion pattern trend
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