The Craft Trend for Men's Knitwear Details

Author:Alice 2020-03-04

Men's Knitwear


Young and fashionable businessmen are not satisfied with the calmness and seriousness of classic business. They favor craft cutting and mixed looks, and pay more attention to details on the neckline, cuffs and side parts. The diversified combinations of stitch, yarn and jacquard will gradually replace the flat and simple color blocks, so the eye-catching points on placement can highlight the feature of entirety, showing the self-pursuit of urban men.


Men's Knitwear


The color-blocked neckline chooses more than two colors instead of a single color to create an asymmetric collar or stripes. The concave-convex ribs are used to enhance the layered sense, which is a key consideration for men's knitwear in the new season. Individual deconstruction or geometric stitches are added to create a mixed appearance.


men's knitwear


Crafts and stitches work together to replace the classic look of cuffs, so the young business style will be more eye-catching. Dense or sparse stitches, small-scale jacquard, and 3D strings all take cuffs as the core, dainty and exquisite, simple and practical.