The Craft Trend for Women's Lace Panel Knitwear

Author:Spring 2022-08-11

Women's Knitwear


Lace panels endow women’s knitwear with an elegant tonality and a romantic atmosphere. All-over lace splicing, ethereal lace hem, digital embroidered lace, lace panels and lace collars are the noteworthy directions in the new season.


Women's Knitwear


The all-over splicing of see-through lace is breathable and sexy. Letters, flowers and grids are the key elements of lace fabric. The combination with stitched details shows smart designs.


All-over Splicing


The lace fabrics spliced on hemline develop ethereal knitwear. Patterned lace panels are more elegant, while the clean mesh is minimalist.Digital embroidery is combined with lace hem to show fluid lines.


Ethereal Hem Women's Knitwear


The use of digital embroidery presents a handcrafted touch. The soft curves of lace exude a sweet and romantic atmosphere. Geometric patterns and textures increase the visual layers of knitwear.


Digital Embroidered Lace


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