The Craft Trend for Women's Leisure-luxe Home Style Loungewear

Author:Alice 2020-05-26

Women's Loungewear

Womenswear continues the minimalist trend, and adds various design details to upgrade simple styles. Diagonal lace and twisted draping fabrics renew minimalist items and enhance their charm. The neckline with straps and cutout are applied to simple styles. Skin-exposing design decorates the simple look and creates a new sexy appearance. Beaded tassels, rhinestones and jewellery embellishments create glamorous boudoir styles and party looks. Chain and structured boning appeal to avant-garde consumers.


Women's Loungewear

Twisted draping fabrics are made into simple loungewear tops, knits and slips, so they can well accentuate female form. Elegant twisted details are applied to the neck, chest and waist, adding a chic feel to the minimalist silk slip. Neutral tones and pastel colors create a sense of calm and well-being.


Twisted Draping Fabrics

Multiple straps decorate the neckline. As square necklines and strapless tops prevail, bras and straps become a styling element and get more prominent. Halter-neck design and multiple straps enhance the chic feel of the slip and the vest. Delicate neckline also inspires simple second-skin bodysuits and leotards.


Strappy Neckline style

Asymmetric lace trim renews the simple style. Diagonal lace injects novelty into the classic slip dress. Zimmerman makes romantic items more avant-garde through splicing diagonal lace and sheer silk. Wide and semi-sheer banded decorations attract the young market.