The Craft Trend for Women's Puffa Jackets of Placement Decorations

Author:Tom 2020-09-14

Women's Puffa Jackets


According to authoritative data, utility is the new trend and dedicated to the multiple uses and occasions of products, thus further blurring the boundary between leisure style and KOL style. Placement color-blocking makes puffa jackets more fashionable and avant-garde. As consumers pursue quality products and individualized clothes, inserted colors, color-blocked designs on the shoulder and collar, as well as color-blocked collar fully fuse utility with fashion.


Women's Puffa Jackets


Simple styles become bold via color-blocked layered match and color-blocking on side parts. Multi-layered color-blocking adds a sense of design into dramatic puffa jackets.


Inserted Colors Women's Puffa Jackets


Color-blocked designs on the neck and shoulder draw the visual focus to the top. Colorway is key to splicing and detachable designs. Orange, blue and achromatic tones are common for puffa jackets. Pink is used in styles, edgy and chic.


Women's Puffa Jackets


Jacket collar and suit lapels are commonly spliced. In addition to the same materials in varied colors, raglan spliced knitted fabrics stand out. This design is ideal for puffa vests or lightweight styles.


Women's Puffa Jackets


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