The Craft Trend for Women's Shearling

Author:Alice 2020-03-05

The Craft Trend for Women's Shearling


Shearling is durable and warm, and necessary for pragmatists in autumn and winter. As the pace of modern life speeds up, both functionality and aesthetics will become the design rules in the future. Inspired by the urban style, fur design has already changed its own style, and integrates with fashion, environmental protection, comfort, leisure and other concepts to keep pace with the times. It emphasizes the quality sense and individuality through exquisite crafts like spliced materials, combination of materials, and slight deconstruction.


Craft Trend for Women's Shearling


Shearling can be suede or fur, and even can be worn on both sides. Designers blend the lining with the surface, or splice leather with fur to bring a layered sense and a visual contrast, which endows the clothing with a design sense and attraction.


Splicing Lining with Surface


Matrix splicing pursues the overall beauty in crafts and materials, and also focuses on details. Nehera applies a harmonious color proportion. Angelos Frentzos breaks the traditional splicing with regular hexagon shape, perfectly blending the sportif style with entry luxury.


Matrix Splicing


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